Rising bollards

BFT Automatic traffic Bollards can be used in a variety of applications/settings including...Car Parks, Resedential settings, Industrial Areas, Schools, in fact anywhere were vehicle movement needs to be restricted.


An extremely good way of protecting your property, especially your vehicles.

Useful for Schools, where pupils have to cross access roads - we have installed this system to schools in Liverpool and they have been successful in reducing the risk of injuries.

BFT Automatic traffic Bollards can be installed in conjunction with traffic Lights, ensuring ample warning is given to drivers of vehicles approaching the Bollards.

BFT Automatic Traffic Bollards can be used in conjunction with Automated Gates & Garage Doors i.e. we can programme the products, so that with a click of your fob or a call from your mobile phone when entering your drive, the bollard will drop & your gates or garage door will automatically open allowing you to drive in safely.

After an agreed delay, the gate or garage will then close & the bollard rise.


In most cases, this should make stealing your vehicles should be virtually impossible.


Certain Insurance companies will discount your Car & Home Insurance Premiums with our systems in place.