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automatic traffic barriers

The most common means of traffic control, for both Commercial & Industrial premises. Can be manually operated or easily automated, depending on your application.

Accessory options to the basic barrier include stop signs, bottom skirts, flashing lights, and safety loops.

All Our Barriers are both heavy duty & have a rapid rise, however we have 3 Models, to suit budget & usage:-


  1. Moderate to Medium Usage ie. A school, with access/ingress for staff and the odd delivery

  2. Medium to Heavy duty Usage ie. A Distribution Centre, with Vehicles exiting/entering regularly all day

  3. Heavy to Intensive Usage ie. A Car Park with cars continually entering/exiting 24 hours per day


All Our barrier lengths range from 3 metres upto 10 metres in width, are constructed from Lightweight Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with colour coated finish and are Warranted for free, for 12 Months

Barrier control options Include intercom, card reader, radio transmitter, push button, free entry and/or exit loops.

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