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automation & access control

Wrought Iron Electric Gates Access Control

GSM Gate Openers, GSM Intercoms supplied and installed.

Videx Intercoms, BFT keyfobs and digital keypads supplied and fitted.

We can set your wrought iron electric gates to work however works best for you, the customer!
All our gates, barriers & Bollards can be operated using a Keyfob, Proximity Card Readers and now with your Mobile Phone!


The use of the Mobile Phone to operate the gates has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, as everyone now seems to have one, it negates the chance of forgetting/losing a key fob, and you can open your gate from literally anywhere in the world with one quick phone call.

We can even program an intercom on the outside of your wrought iron driveway gate, so if someone presses the button, it calls your mobile wherever you are, and you can either let them in, or just tell them to call back later

why might you want automation & access control?


 You are away on holiday, there is no one at your house, but you get a call from a delivery driver looking to drop something off, which you require urgently. All you do is hang up, 'telephone' your gate, and hey presto, the gate opens to allow the driver access to the driveway
There are a multitude of Access Controls which we can tailor to your requirements - Please call us for more details and/or a free quotation.

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